Nov 11, 2008


Shy Teddy
33 sts long, 15 sts wide

Super Man Logo
14 sts long, 19 sts wide

19 sts long, 29 sts wide

18 sts long, 18 sts wide

Sea Horse
27 sts long, 15 sts wide

Skiing Penguin
33 sts long, 21 sts wide

Owl w/ Flower Umbrella
29 sts tall, 19 sts wide

19 sts tall, 18 sts wide

16 sts tall, 16 sts wide

14 sts tall, 13 sts wide

Front Facing Butterfly
21 sts tall, 26 sts wide

Happy Bee
23 sts tall, 21 sts wide


Anonymous said...

so so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! you NEEEEEDDDD to make more!!!!

Cupcake knitting patterns said...

Your patterns are adorable, I love the little cupcake!

Arlene said...

These are great patterns. I made the flower on a 8 x 8 inch blanket square for the Knit-A-Square charity for children. I look forward to making many more. Thank you for posting these happy patterns!

Unknown said...

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